Tuesday, August 17, 2010

time don't stop for no one.

it's been quite a while since i've last posted hasn't it?
well life has been busy and this summer is going by way too fast!
i wish winter went this fast.
so lately i've been:
chilling with my best pookie {aka: anna}
and my best jessums too. {aka: jessica}
going to 4h planning meetings.
and running through sprinklers! although, it's gotten chilly here for the last couple days...
noooo! summer is NOT ending! i wont let it!
going on sister dates. with sour gummy worms!
chilling with my cousins. fun, right? hah

at my cabin!

duluth baby! emilia, anna, me

jess & anna at a bonfire!


Can do mom said...

You are so right: Time stops for no one. It is the great equalizer. Some may have more material wealth, others more talents but we're all given 24 hours every day, to use as we see fit. The question is, how will you spend THIS day that you have been given?

It's been a fun summer and I hope we manage to pack a few more meaningful days into it before we have to jump back into the routine of school.

Love you honey!

A Flourishing Perspective said...


I love Summer. I do not want it to end!!!! I start school after Labor Day....this Summer was amazing...and I hope yours was too, darling!


Leah Marie said...

thanks mom! :] <3

i know! me too. we were supposed to start around right now, but my mom decided to start later. :] yay! thanks for all the sweet comments, dear!