Sunday, March 20, 2011

time after time

this last weekend we did two photo shoots. emily & i did one on friday night & then, our friend jessie came over on saturday, which was her birthday, & we decided to take more photos.
after we finished the freezing cold photo shoot, we went inside, put on our jammies & watched emma. hannah, our other wonderful friend, brought the movie & french silk pie!
we stayed up until 1 o' clock watching it. hey, we had to stop for dinner {at 10 o'clock.} and we had to stop for birthday pie!

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{photographer: emily}
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{photographer: emily, next 4 photos}
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{photographer emily }

Friday, March 18, 2011

hello, weekend


I'm so excited. i've wanted to redo my blog for a while.
unfortunately, i don't know anything about html so i just rely on my sister, who does. thanks emily! :]

i'm really glad it's friday. hello, weekend!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

last week:

this is last week in a nutshell.
overall, it was fabulous!
now it's spring break, and to kick it off, i'm going to have my teeth cleaned!
would it be funny if i started singing dental care in the dentist office?

she doesn't do school. too smart.

studying. that's a bonus of being homeschooled: take your school with you!

aunt debbie, me, uncle rico!

superchick! they were good too. :]

at the concert.

skillet!! this was my second time seeing them. amazingg!

car ride home. she's a cutie.

dinner emily made. :] saturday night.

my good earth bison burger.
it was good, but they didn't cook it to my specifications.
{and i told the waitress no pink.}

i'm sorry for the lack of posts lately! i was trying to upload photos but blogger wouldn't let me. so if you want to hear about what i did the weekend before last, go here: {my mothers blog}
so now, hopefully i will be able to post this with the photos!

{yep, i'm having photo problems. maybe i'm uploading too many, but i'll do another post from the first out of 3 concerts that i went to last week!}

{all of these were taken with a cell phone.}