Sunday, March 20, 2011

time after time

this last weekend we did two photo shoots. emily & i did one on friday night & then, our friend jessie came over on saturday, which was her birthday, & we decided to take more photos.
after we finished the freezing cold photo shoot, we went inside, put on our jammies & watched emma. hannah, our other wonderful friend, brought the movie & french silk pie!
we stayed up until 1 o' clock watching it. hey, we had to stop for dinner {at 10 o'clock.} and we had to stop for birthday pie!

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{photographer: emily}
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{photographer: emily, next 4 photos}
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{photographer emily }


Emily said...

Fab photographer you have there ;)

Can do mom said...

I had fun watching Emma with you! :)

Love the photos, especially the one of the jumping girls.


Libbie said...

You girls have too much fun! you know I still haven't even seen Emma...I should have rented it for tonight since Hubby is at a Wild game!

LOVE your jumping pic! That IS some good photography!!!! As much as I LOVE being married & having a big ole' pack of kids...I do cherish my memories of hanging with my girlfriends! :) Love seeing you enjoying yours!!!

MJonas_ said...

your blog is so cute!!:)
did you visit my blog?? tell me what do you thunk about it!:)
if you want you'll be my follower!

Libbie said...

So you like the Royal names! Me too :) Although the names I am prob going with are pretty simpie & not to mention the boy one is even funny :)

Good tip on Emma! I think the only version I knew of was Gweneth's so I will have to pick it up soon!!!!

Renée said...

cute photos!

Elisa Kate said...

Aww, You guys are cute! And I love the pictures. :D

♥ Kimmi's Corner ♥ said...

Awesome pictures! Your so pretty!:)