Monday, April 4, 2011

happy to be near you, when you need someone to cheer you.

to say life has been busy would be an understatement. but that's not the whole reason i haven't been blogging for a while. i couldn't find my camera too. we also got colds here, so with a lack of photos, sickness and a hectic schedule, i haven't really had the time.
but tonight i decided i couldn't not take any photos any longer.
i was kind of cold, so i didn't stay out long.

i'm almost done with D.E. it wraps up tomorrow! i am so excited. but then i can't do anything until july, so that will be off the radar for a while.
then, i'll be able to focus on school. {huzzah.} haha! actually, we're getting kind of close to being done. i think 7 weeks or something.


Trouble. with a capitol T.


have a fabulous week!


Elisa said...

AWW! That is the cutest dog EVER! xD
Nice pictures. :)

Leah Marie said...

thank you! that's my dog, lacey. :]