Thursday, April 7, 2011

i won a giveaway!

i just won a giveaway! it's from pastor's girl's ponderings
the cutest necklace ever.


Elisa said...

Congratulations! That is adorable! x) Love it. :)

happyflower said...

I JUST SAW di jet wanted to visit your blog and it is very cute!!

And I have a small buisness and I would like to get the word out so I guess this is the best way, commenting on peoples blog and yea!! So here is the link and i would love it if you shared my blog!!

Emily said...


Kate said...

Congrats! And I just wanted you to know, I was thinking about you today as I was dunking (yes, not daintily dipping, but dunking)my orange in chocolate. (I think you posted about it last winter.) I didn't think it was possible to make oranges better than they already are, but now I think I am addicted to them with chocolate. When I can't get through my doorways because I have been eating way too many oranges with chocolate, I will call you to get me unstuck!

Lindsay said...

Yay! Congratulations, Leah!! : )


Can do mom said...

How exciting!




Violet Bella said...

congrats on winning my giveawaw on pastor girls blog!!! ill get your necklace out to you soon :)