Saturday, April 16, 2011

you can’t return this gift:

well, today it’s hard to believe we were enjoying 75° weather last sunday.
last night it started to snow. & this morning, this is what i woke up to.


welcome, spring.

yeah, i’d like it to melt now. :]
happy weekend!


Emily said...

BLAH. Worst joke ever, nature.

Leah Marie said...

i know. it’s gone now…but it might come back.

Jess said...

Weather changes like this are the worst! BUT you'll be wishing you had snow once summer is officially here!

PS Millie is soooo cute! That cast makes her even cuter (even though I'm sorry for her elbow)

♥ Kimmi's Corner ♥ said...

I wish I got snow like that! Its like in the 90's here! haha. oh well...:)

Love Unawakened said...

Wow!! That is crazy! In alabama the weather is always changing, but that is crazy!!

Can do mom said...

Yuck! I wish Spring would make up its mind and stick around for awhile!