Friday, July 29, 2011

england & france: part five

Okay, to wrap up the last photos of our trip, here we are, on our last two days. We took the EuroStar back to England from Paris, and spent Friday and Saturday with our family. This was definitely the trip of a lifetime. I feel so blessed to have had this experience! I am so excited at the thought of going back someday.

Adam mowing the field/lawn
We took a lovely walk. Again, I look like a midget. Thanks, Karl. ;)
It makes me think of a fairy tale or something.

Eating dinner- Arlene made us toad in the hole. (Not anything like what I thought would be!) It’s sausage with a dough around it, then you can put gravy on top. Quite good.

They made chocolate covered potato crisps.
And Becca made pizza!
Karl & Emily enjoying the delish food.
Playing basketball with Becca.
We look like real sportswomen, don’t we? All dressed up for the pig roast.
The pig roast at The Cherry Tree pub.
Christian & Karl work at The Cherry Tree & unfortunately they had to work the night of the pig roast.

This finishes up my England & France posts. I hope you enjoyed looking through all the photos. I had such a wonderful time, I’m saving my money to buy a plane ticket back over there!
Happy Friday!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Photo Challenge: Silhouette

I’m entering in Allie Photography’s Photo Contest! I took this on Easter, and I think it’s quite interesting.
I love how the sun is shining, and the silhouettes of the trees.


Have a fab rest of the week! At least Monday is out of the way. :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Things That are Happy

Taking a break from the trip photos {Flickr is being a pain} I’m going to post something that’s fun:)
Here are my top ten things I’m happy about today:
1. Today was the last day of the fair! Not to sound all excited or anything, but I don’t have to worry about it for a whole year now, thank goodness.
2. I ordered some things from Jack Wills. Yes sir, I’m hoping they will come soon!

Photo on 2011-07-17 at 16.10

3. We ate dinner outside tonight. And just to add a little excitement, Millie decided to make her presence known by running around and generally making a nuisance of herself. Then, when we were done, she climbed completely on top of the outside table. Naughty.
4. Peanut butter that has one ingredient: peanuts! One gram of sugar? Yes, please!
5. Gran Torino: totally a cry-your-eyes-out movie, but so worth it! Only problem: lots of cussing. Dang.
6. Painting. I got out the acrylics today. Yay!
7. SoBe lifewater. My current addiction, with no artificial sugar! Double yay!
8. Pride & Prejudice. I’m reading the annotated version, which may be cheating, but I understand it so much better, now!
9. Wearing skirts/dresses all the time. So comfortable, & so fab. It’s a win win.
10. Being able to do random spur-of-the-moment type things. I love summer.
11. (okay, I had to do one more) but I am seriously loving my little lip balm vaseline tin.

Have a happy week! xoxo

Saturday, July 16, 2011

england & france: part four

Paris, France- the magical city. I had such a wonderful time here. I think I appreciate it more, now that I’m home. We stayed there a week, in two different apartments. The first, was actually the narrowest building in Paris. We went to about 500 museums full of priceless works of art. I got to see Mona Lisa, Monet, Renoir & many others. It was a little hard to take it all in after a while, so many masterpieces, and so little time to fully take them all in. Paris was everything that I thought it would be, but somehow, it wasn’t at all like how I thought it would be. It’s rather hard to explain it all, but I loved it anyways. :)

Next: {last post on our trip, I promise!} Back to England

Notre Dame. We stayed right by it- so awesome!
Shakespeare book store. They speak English! We were a 5 minute walk away.
Metro entrance.
Arc de Triumph memorial.
Emily & Mom enjoying a rest after walking all day.
Andd… It was time for a snack.
The graffiti/art was amazing.
How cool is this?
Not sure what this is. But I like the colors.
Apple tart. Yum.
Of course, the Eiffel Tower. One of my favorite parts.
I didn’t know it was brown. Go figure.
Yay! First level.
Adorbs. :)
We found this great juice at Bon Marche.

P.s Contrary to popular belief, not everyone there speaks English. So if you’re going there any time soon, you may want to brush up a bit on your French. :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

england & france: part three

So here we are in London, day two. Today we went with Arlene, Christian, Karl & Adam. First, we went to Saint Paul’s Cathedral. It was really neat, my favorite part was the whispering gallery. I saw it on Rick Steve’s show, so I thought it was really cool to see it in person. Then, we got some M&S lunch. I wish they had Mark’s & Spencer’s here. Yum. Anyways, then we took the tube to the Sherlock Holm’s museum. It was a little cheesy, but cute none the less. Then my personal favorite of the day- the park/gardens. It was so beautiful. I loved all the roses- they had a million different kinds. We took the train home and Christian made us a true Scottish meal. I was brave and I tried everything, but I have to admit- some of it was a bit of a stretch. :)

Next up: Paris!

Starting the day right: Adam goofing off.
At the top of the cathedral. Fab view.
Just to clarify here: I am short, but I usually don’t look that short. Compared to Karl, though, I am dwarfed. :)
From l to r: Emily, Arlene, Christian, Karl, Me
At the Sherlock museum.
No description needed.

At the gardens.
My lovely mother. :)
We’re a little goofy.

Mom & Arlene
Please note the blue sky: this is not common. We enjoyed it.
Dinner is served: it was tasty. :)


Sunday, July 10, 2011

england & france: part two

I’m back! I’ve been pretty busy lately, so this is the first chance I’ve had to blog. Anywho, back to England. So, now we’re onto London. I have to say, London was probably the city we got to explore the least. I was torn between wanting to spend time with family and seeing the sites. I think we got a good mix of both, which is good (My Aunt Arlene, cousin Adam & cousins cousins Karl & Christian actually got to come with the next day). The first day, {of three} we went to museums, the London Eye, and I got some hot cocoa. (a must!) It was a great day for exploring this huge city. I loved London, but then again, I loved every city we went to. Okay, I love Europe.

Buckingham Palace.


Excited for our first day! Buckingham Palace.


The road in front of the palace. I loved all the flags.


This was such an awesome mural. It was really big, too. Who knew you could do that with plants?


British Museum. That is one old lion.


Big Ben. This is from the London Eye.


I don’t know what this is, but I thought it looked cool.

You can’t go to London without seeing a red double decker bus, can you?

Part 3 coming soon!