Friday, July 29, 2011

england & france: part five

Okay, to wrap up the last photos of our trip, here we are, on our last two days. We took the EuroStar back to England from Paris, and spent Friday and Saturday with our family. This was definitely the trip of a lifetime. I feel so blessed to have had this experience! I am so excited at the thought of going back someday.

Adam mowing the field/lawn
We took a lovely walk. Again, I look like a midget. Thanks, Karl. ;)
It makes me think of a fairy tale or something.

Eating dinner- Arlene made us toad in the hole. (Not anything like what I thought would be!) It’s sausage with a dough around it, then you can put gravy on top. Quite good.

They made chocolate covered potato crisps.
And Becca made pizza!
Karl & Emily enjoying the delish food.
Playing basketball with Becca.
We look like real sportswomen, don’t we? All dressed up for the pig roast.
The pig roast at The Cherry Tree pub.
Christian & Karl work at The Cherry Tree & unfortunately they had to work the night of the pig roast.

This finishes up my England & France posts. I hope you enjoyed looking through all the photos. I had such a wonderful time, I’m saving my money to buy a plane ticket back over there!
Happy Friday!


Katie said...

Looks like such a great time! I hope you are able to go back soon :)

Leah Marie said...

It was, I hope so too! My family over there want to come back to the U.S next summer, so if we go it will have to be soon! :)

Harper said...

Wow I loveee your blog! :) I would love for you to stop some time and check out my blog! :) ~Harper

Harper said...

Oh yeah I follow it too now! :)