Sunday, July 24, 2011

Things That are Happy

Taking a break from the trip photos {Flickr is being a pain} I’m going to post something that’s fun:)
Here are my top ten things I’m happy about today:
1. Today was the last day of the fair! Not to sound all excited or anything, but I don’t have to worry about it for a whole year now, thank goodness.
2. I ordered some things from Jack Wills. Yes sir, I’m hoping they will come soon!

Photo on 2011-07-17 at 16.10

3. We ate dinner outside tonight. And just to add a little excitement, Millie decided to make her presence known by running around and generally making a nuisance of herself. Then, when we were done, she climbed completely on top of the outside table. Naughty.
4. Peanut butter that has one ingredient: peanuts! One gram of sugar? Yes, please!
5. Gran Torino: totally a cry-your-eyes-out movie, but so worth it! Only problem: lots of cussing. Dang.
6. Painting. I got out the acrylics today. Yay!
7. SoBe lifewater. My current addiction, with no artificial sugar! Double yay!
8. Pride & Prejudice. I’m reading the annotated version, which may be cheating, but I understand it so much better, now!
9. Wearing skirts/dresses all the time. So comfortable, & so fab. It’s a win win.
10. Being able to do random spur-of-the-moment type things. I love summer.
11. (okay, I had to do one more) but I am seriously loving my little lip balm vaseline tin.

Have a happy week! xoxo

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Can do mom said...

What a happy post! I love your happy thoughts and happenings.

Like you, I love my little Rosy Lips Vaseline tin. I guess when we run out we'll just have to go back to England, visit "Boots" and buy another one, right?! ;)