Tuesday, August 17, 2010

time don't stop for no one.

it's been quite a while since i've last posted hasn't it?
well life has been busy and this summer is going by way too fast!
i wish winter went this fast.
so lately i've been:
chilling with my best pookie {aka: anna}
and my best jessums too. {aka: jessica}
going to 4h planning meetings.
and running through sprinklers! although, it's gotten chilly here for the last couple days...
noooo! summer is NOT ending! i wont let it!
going on sister dates. with sour gummy worms!
chilling with my cousins. fun, right? hah

at my cabin!

duluth baby! emilia, anna, me

jess & anna at a bonfire!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


life isn't fair.
sometimes {the very selfish part of me} wishes it could've been someone else.
the hole in my heart that's shaped like her won't be replaced,
but i can know that God always allows things to happen for a purpose.
i love you, Samantha.
thanks for being the best cousin to me for 8 years of my life.