Thursday, January 6, 2011

happy birthday news post!

today is my baby brothers 11th birthday.
can you believe it? well, i can't either. haha
he is so cute and energetic. today he got 2 guns.
{paintball & airsoft.}
what i'd like to know is, what happened to thomas the tank engine? {he's so over that.}

i am so thankful for you daniel dalton! you are my most favorite brother ever.

can't do a blog post without her in it, can i? she got a haircut today, so she looks different!
(she's always licking, so catching her with her tongue out is funny).

{&&& happy news! bye bye braces.}


Can do mom said...

What a sweet post, honoring your brother! :)

I think you should have included a photo of Lacey after her trip to the doggy beauty salon. She looks so spiffy and cleaned up now. I wonder how long the bow in her hair will last?

I love your new and improved smile. :) Keep smiling, it looks so pretty on you!


Haley said...

Happy (belated) birthday, Daniel! :)

I love that picture of Lacey! She's so cute!

I remember I was SO excited to get my braces off! ;) Congratulations on getting yours off. You have a very pretty smile! :)

Love and hugs,

Jillian said...

Beautiful smile!! Such a great feeling, getting them off.
At least I imagine it must be.

Aw, your brother and dog are both adorable in their own ways.

Alice said...

Aww, he's so cute!
My brother looked like a stick insect at that age.
And now.
And always.

Libbie said...

Don't tell your mom about my bad word! :) Just kidding!

Happy birthday to your baby bro! He is a cutie & he is pretty lucky to have such a loving sister! Annie adores her little brothers but I sure hope it stays that way! I will have to send her to you for some lovin' lessons! :)

emily said...

xx BET!

Anonymous said...

You look so cute. Love your new smile.

Yeh about your birthday cake.... Was thinking of including having everyone over Sunday the 30th.

Check with Mom and Dad and see if you guys are available and I will included Grandma, and Grandpa and Syliva. and the rest. Sunday get together.

Aunt Brenda

brittany said...

it's crazy when your little siblings start to grow up! happy bday to him!