Thursday, February 24, 2011

forever & always

happenings in the life of leah&co. :]
{it has been wayyy too long since i last posted!}

my unfinished art project. right now i'm watercoloring.
it's a long process when you have lots of colors, but it's making progress.
{Beatrix Potter}

wearing my favorite t-shirt today!
jimmy johns.
my dads. i ate mine by the time i got my camera.
he likes his sandwich. haha we like food. can you tell?
my really cute little brother. he got a haircut today & it is so adorable! :]
exciting news! we will be adding a new member to our family this monday! i haven't met her yet, but my dad visited her today. she's cute, from what i see in the photos.
so! this will be our 3rd dog. thinking about it makes me a little worried.
i hope lacey handles it well. a new sister! she's kinda jealous.
i can't wait to meet millie! {that's her name for now. we'll see if it changes.}


Lindsay said...

Awww, another dog? How exciting! She looks sooo cute!! :)


Can do mom said...

Looks like you guys had a good night without me.

I'm with you on Daniel's haircut. Very nice and LONG overdue!

The jury is still out on Millie. All puppies look cute in photographs (and real life too) but THREE dogs?!!!


Haley said...

Millie looks SO cute! Just adorable. ;)

Katherine Sophia said...

Cute puppy!! :D What kind is she?
Your art project looks really good, too! I always think doing watercolor is hard. :P :)

Libbie said...

What a cute dog!!! It will be fun to see how Millie fits in! I bet lacey will be jealous!

Your art looks awesome! I can't imagine all the time you have put into it already!!!

You are not the only one who loves food! Oh, but I didn't bust out & get a cookie the other day :) I had a banana :) But the sandwhiches DO look good! Hope you are having a fun weekend!