Tuesday, September 6, 2011

someone like you

Our family went up to our cabin for Labor Day weekend. My dad, brother, aunt, uncle & my other uncle all went up on Friday. My mom, Emily & I went up on Saturday. Friday night we had a fab girls night. We met up with Emily after school finished for the day and went out to dinner at Panera & then later we watched this show called Northern Exposure. (So funny!) Anywho, the weekend at the cabin was nice and relaxing. Much needed naps were in order. :) We drove home on Monday and I “modeled” for Emily for a photography project she had when we got home. Now, it’s back to school. I’m really thankful for that extra day off, though. 


Isn’t she something else? She’s always on high alert for danger (squirrels are on the top of the list)

Happy Tuesday!


Can do mom said...

Guard dog on patrol!!! I feel so much safer with her in the house. (Not!)

I agree, Friday night was SUPER FAB! Love our girls' nights!


♥ Kimmi's Corner ♥ said...

That's the cutest picture ever!!<3<3<3

Libbie said...

Sounds like a nice getaway! I always try to get in one last retreat before school starts too :)

Very cute pic! I was trying to take a shot like that yesterday at my neices football game but yours turned out wayyyyyyy better :) love it! & her :)

Sarah said...

Awwh! I love this picture!:]
So cute! May I steal her? Thanks.

Follow me, I'll follow back if a wish? ;]

Mariagrazia C. said...

I really love your blog! It's amazing !!! :* I'm following you darling! Hope you can also follow my blog! Mary