Saturday, February 13, 2010

I got another award!

Here are the rules of the tag:

1. List 8 stories or books you'd like to live in. (for two weeks or so)

2. List eight other bloggers who deserve this award.

3. Comment on their blog, and let them know they've won an award

This won't be easy. Hmmm... I'll give it my best shot.

1. Violet Travilla. We got the whole set of these books for Christmas. (You can only imagine how short of a time it was before I finished them all!)

2. Beanie Malone. I loved this series... I never finished it though because I think it got kinda weird.

3. Little House books. Love, love, love!

4. Keeping days. I thought it was pretty good. Other then the fact that her family fights a lot.

5. All of a kind family. They're Jewish so it's pretty neat to see how a family lived like that in the 1900s.

7. Missionary books. Like Gladys Alward. Or Hudson Taylor.

8. Do hard things. I'm not finished yet but it's still really good.

And I tag:



3. Karis


5. Taylor

6. Ashley

7. Auntie Cake

Have a good weekend!


Haley said...

Thanks for the tag/award, Leah! :)

•Karis Brown• said...

Thanks so much for the tag! It looks like fun! I'll get to it soon.

Happy Valentines Day!

Taylor said...

Thank you so much for tagging me, Leah!! I love your blog as well! ;)


Ashley said...

Thanks so Much!!!

Auntie Cake said...

Hey Leah,
I have been MIA lately, thanks for the tag. Sounds fun, I will have to sit down and get working on it soon. I am so busy watching the Olympics this last week that I don't seem to get anything else done. My family needs some clan socks, so I had better get some laundry done soon. You mentioned some books that I am not familiar with, when I get done watching the Olympics, I need to check them out. I adore reading, way too much...