Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I love bread.

So what can I say? I love bread. Even from an early age. (as you can see) My mom thought these were so cute I had to upload them and show them to you! I was really into eating this half of a loaf. I wouldn't even stop to let my mom take a photo! I was probably about 2. I don't know for sure though... I don't even know how I got a hold of this bread. I must have been oh so sneaky! ...Or not. :)

My daddy and I (notice you can't even see my face).

My pop, me and half of Emily... (notice you still can't see my face!)

Here I am with a big dent in it!


Can do mom said...

Oh Honey, I just love those photos! It brings me back to when you were just a little baby girl and while you'll always be my baby girl, you've grown so much since then! Cute photos, funny too! :) Love, Mum

Lindsay said...

Oh, those photos are absolutely adorable!!!
Thanks for posting them, Leah. How sweet! :)

~ Love,

Haley said...

That's so sweet! I enjoyed looking at them. :)

Love and hugs,

Katherine Sophia said...

Cute! Did you ever finish eating the loaf? :) Much better than what I used to eat at that age - butter. :D

Mike said...

HAHA! Where would we be without the most basics of food . I eat whole loafs of bread plain when I'm in starvation mode.(really, its true!) Nice header, BTW

Leah Marie said...

Thank you! I think they're cute too. All the credit for my header goes to Emily. She did it all. :)