Wednesday, June 29, 2011

england & france: part one

well, I’m home. it feels good to be back. I’ve been going though all the 3,000+ photos, to share with you all & it’s really hard to decide which ones to share! just to give you an overview of what we did, we arrived in London on Saturday morning and we spent the rest of the weekend with my aunt Arlene, uncle Ray, cousins Becca & William. my other cousin, Adam, who is from Florida, is staying with them for a few months was (and is) there too. Monday, we went to Bath. from there, we went to Stonehenge & Avebury & the Cotswolds. it was such a sweet city, and the b&b’s we stayed at were wonderful! Friday, we took the train back “home” to Bundanoon, my uncle & aunts house. {which is located just outside of London}. we stayed there for over a week exploring London & the towns there. then, we went to Paris. oh, Paris. it was everything I thought it would be. we actually stayed a few nights in the narrowest building in the whole city! {it’s in guidebooks & everything!} we went to so many museums filled with so many masterpieces {including the Louvre, of course} that it was kind of hard to mentally think about it all after a while. we climbed to the 2nd level of the Eiffel tower & did lots of other things. we rode back to england on the Euro Star train & spent our last two days at Bundanoon. over all, I would do it again. I had such a great time, I would only change one thing: I wish I had eaten better. (i normally do eat good, it was just being on vaca that threw me off) I know it was vacation, but I was so tired all the time! it really changes how much energy you have, so I think by the time we made it to Paris, my body was getting quite tired out. so, my advice is, eat protein for breakfast! lunch & dinner isn’t such a big deal, but breakfast is.
anywho, this is just part one, so on to the photos! cheers!














Can do mom said...

I had such a wonderful time exploring England and France with both my lovely daughters. :)

Everyone keeps asking what my favorite thing was and I would have to say, time spent with my girls. The second thing would be reconnecting with family and friends in England. That made our trip extra special.

You are wise to break the trip into more than one post because it's hard to do it justice!

Flor said...

What beautiful places you visited! And you really did capture them beautifully. I love the stonehenge picture. I'm sure you had a phenomenal time, and perhaps when I DO go to Europe, I will remember to eat well. Although, for me, I don't think that will be a problem :)Lovely blog, now following. (fun fact: my name is FLEUR en francais) Perhaps you'll visit me sometime?


Emily said...

Cute! What a fun trip, eh?

Lauren Anne said...

i love all your pictures. ahhh. I wish i was there. :)