Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sock Hop!

This past weekend we had our annual 4-H Banquet. The theme this year was a 50’s sockhop. I think this year was my favorite of all. Maybe that’s because it was my idea, but I think everyone else had a good time, too. :)

  •  Daniel & Mya won the dancing contest! 

  •  Emily & Jessie 

  •  Our cupcakes!

  •  Maggie & Rachel enjoying the music

  •  Anna, Becca & Jessie

  •  Becca doing the cupcake walk

  • My mom & Mrs. Carter with the food

Jessie & I handled the cupcakes- I spent Friday morning baking and Jessie came over in the afternoon and we frosted up a storm! I can’t wait until next year! Maybe we’ll do the 60’s...

Tomorrow’s Friday! Yay!


Katariina said...

Wow, those cupcakes are so pretty!

Can do mom said...

I love our 4H club! :)

You had a wonderful idea, Leah. The sock hop was a blast and the cupcakes were scrumptious!

Little did we know that Daniel was such a good dancer. I enjoy listening to the CD that he won - maybe we can practice our 50's dance moves at home now!


flor said...

how fuuuunnn!

it sure looks like you guys had a good time!!

xo flor