Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yes List

I saw this on Mikala’s blog, and she got it from Rosie’s blog. It looked like such a good idea I thought I’d try it because I love happy listy type things. Here we go!

Yes to it being Saturday! Even though I had to work… Oh well.
Yes to having a girls night last night. Confessions of a Shopaholic, anyone? (And, yes, it is completely silly.)
Yes to finding a sweatshirt in my closet that I’d forgotten about! Yay!
Yes to my mom coming home tomorrow. I’ve missed her!
Yes to listening to Good Time. Or country music in general.
Yes to making no-bake cheesecake. The crust just came out of the oven. Yumm.
Yes to Christmas being right around the corner. Who can help getting in the festive mood?
Yes to a good make up day. :)

Well, this about wraps it up. What a great idea, right?
Happy Weekend!


Can do mom said...

YES to all of the above and two new ones:

YES to having such a wonderful daughter as you!

YES to Mom and Leah day today! I'm looking forward to it!



Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

these happy lists are always amazing! i love finding all the positives out of our days.
xo TJ