Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hunger Games: Movie

Okay, so if you haven't picked up on my love of the Hunger Games, you either must not read my blog, or not follow me on Twitter (and if you do follow me on Twitter, I'm sure the fangirly tweets will die down eventually.)

Anyways, last weekend I obvs went to see the midnight showing with my bff Jessie.
After laughing and sighing I came out of the theater overwhelmed. At first I was concerned about the things they left out, but then I realized, they just can't add it all.

So overall, I loved it. It followed the book pretty closely, but mostly, it was just good.
Probably the biggest problem I had with it, was that they added swear words. Whattt?
 I mean, come on. There weren't any in all the books. That just seems pretty pointless.

So basically, I reallyreally want to see it again. This week.

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Read this blog! It's by the Peeta account on Twitter. This really helped me to understand some things about the movie, so Jessie make sure you read this!


his little Lady said...

ohh peeta in all his glory! adore!!!!!!
and this movie was incredible! i want to see it again asap!!!
xo TJ

Leah Marie said...

I know!! He's just too amazing.

I might need to see it again... For the third time.