Saturday, December 11, 2010


lacey was really upset that she couldn't go outside.

she spent a lot of the day in the laundry room drying off from her morning outside. she was covered on small snowballs. i had to run warm water on her {which turned into a bath} to get all the snow off!

it's blizzard conditions here, people.
we're quite literally snowed in.
i waded through the snow (that was up to my
thighs in some places) to try to get to the mailbox.
only to find that our mailbox fell off the stand. {plow truck?}
so, i floundered back to the house.
things are so snowy, that they've closed a major highway by us. & our church cancelled all it's services.
so, today we spent the day wrapping presents and hanging out with lacey. who went bonkers about every 15 minutes. squirrels are her enemies. they hang out around our deck.
but, since the drifts were/are about 10 times as tall as her, we couldn't let her out.
i think we'll be snowed in tomorrow too. {we can't use our plow since my dad is gone}

i'm praying my daddy & brother get home safe!


Can do mom said...

Well, be careful what you wish for is all I can say!

This is probably the biggest snowstorm in your lifetime (so far).

Dad will have a big job plowing us out when he gets back home!

emily said...

two words:

Hector said...

makes for great snowmobiling and you get to test out the 4 wheel drive but thats just me. most people dont like being snowed in i guess