Tuesday, December 7, 2010

december 7th, 2010

i really need to post more! i can't believe how much i've been slacking!
it's horrible, but i really haven't been taking photos with my camera.

so i guess i'll fill you in on what life has been like.
{without photos. boo.}
on friday we had our annual cookie exchange.
yay yay yay fun! seriously.
emilia & i went to tangled on saturday!
if you're questioning going, just do it! i lovedd it. a lot.
thenn later on sat, we went to the wild woods of wisconsin to find our perfect charlie brown tree.
& then on sunday my gram came over for a birthday breakfast brunch!
we had lots of good food & laughs.
& then we decorate the tree.
so. so much for a quiet weekend. haha like i would want one anyways. :]

oh yeah on thursday emilia & i hosted our first 4h meeting. success?
i think all the kids enjoyed themselves, & the game we played was hilarious.


Jillian said...

Sounds like things are going nicely for you! I'm glad. This time of the year is always awesome.

Aw, no pictures!
It's okay, you are good enough without them.

♥ Kimmi's Corner ♥ said...

Sounds like fun! We went to see Mega Mind last week! (I went shopping but the rest of my family went). You all was have good pictures! To bad!:) Merry Christmas!