Monday, May 16, 2011

found: old photos

here we have some old photos.
i love looking at these kinds of photos on our computer. they make me laugh, smile & sometimes cringe.
{"what? i wore that??”}
i love them anyways, though.

pink hat picnic
especially photos like this. the three of us were having a picnic {even daniel, with a pink hat on}. adorable.

christmas photo 2001
our family photo for 2001. it makes me smile, daniel’s expression probably the most.

this must have been when we were decorating our christmas tree.

such a cutie. opps. he reminds me every so often, that “cute” is not allowed for boys. handsome. that’s what i’m allowed to use. :)

emily, tally, leah
emily, tally & i. tally & i used to get mistaken for sisters. we were the same height, but she passed me up. but we still do look alike. :)

bike ride
this was the first time i rode my bike without training wheels. i was so excited. if you can’t tell. ha ha

cabin attire
this, was taken at our cabin. ha ha. we always were the prepared type. you know, in case the lake flooded our cabin. just in case.

happy monday! it’s a beautiful day, so how could you help but have a wonderful day?


Emma said...

Hahaha, these are adorable. This reminds that I have a bunch of old pictures I was going to post - I should do that soon!

Emily said...

Leah! These are too funny. And cute. I love the 'just in case the lake floods in' photo. :) Yay!

Can do mom said...

Adorable photos. I've seen all of them except for the pink hat picnic photo. I love it! Looking out in our old back yard brings back happy memories. :)


Kendall said...

I love looking through old pictures. So cute! :)

Hannah said...

Awh! Cute photos! It's so fun to go back and look at old images.

Have a lovely day!