Sunday, May 22, 2011

photo challenge: green

i’m linking up to pastor’s girl’s ponderings “green” photo challenge.
this is the photo i have as my background. i love the green bud.
i’m super excited about only having one week left of school.
then, in not even two weeks, i’m leaving for europe with my sister & mom. speaking of sister, guess who’s grad party we had today? i was the photographer, so i’ll post the pics later. right now, i’m far too tired. :)
have a great week! i’m sure this week will be filled with packing, school & a memorial weekend at the cabin! yay!

purple & blue


Hannah said...

Your photo is absolutely the stunning! The clarity and richness of the colors is beautiful. Oh my goodness -- love the composition and whole image. Beautiful shot!

Have a lovely day!

C said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love this.

Can do mom said...

That's a really beautiful photo, Leah. Very nice.

It's time to start seriously preparing for our trip... I'll get the suitcases down and we can start packing. Remember, it all has to fit in a carryon going over AND coming back!


Sereina said...

Beautiful! So crisp an clear.

Emily said...

Love the photo sista!

Michelle said...

hey darling thanks for following the blog.

love m.
keep in touch

Jennoelle said...

This is simply amazing. The colors, the focus, the beauty--it's just all totally amazing. And the pollen spread all over the petals makes the shot even more brilliant. Absolutely gorgeous.