Tuesday, May 31, 2011

day before the party

these are old, i know, {over a week! gasp!} but i didn’t get around to posting them before, so here they are. this was the night before emily’s grad party. jessie took these, and she is in some, but i’m pretty sure she would kill me if i put them up. right, jess? ha ha:)

in other news, i had a fab memorial weekend. but our dog, theo, didn’t. he got attacked on sunday afternoon by some wild animal {we think it was a wolf or something} so that was pretty rough. he’s hanging in there though, so hopefully he’ll make it. the only problem is that he’s really easily freaked out now, which is easy to understand. i hope he can be normal again…

he was really well behaved today, even though certain other parties {*cough cough LACEY cough MILLIE*} weren’t. i sat outside a good part of the afternoon, and i’m paying for it. the sunshine felt so good, i just wanted to be out there, but i slightly resemble a tomato now. :)

we leave for europe in 2 days. i’m so excited, but also a little nervous. i’ve never been over seas, so this is big. i’m also not relishing the idea of a ten hour flight, but that’s the price you pay, right? i won’t be able to blog since i’m not bringing my laptop but i did purchase an extra SD card! i hope you’re prepared. :)

party 1

party 2
party 3
party 4
this one is funny. i don’t know why it got taken, but i love how lacey’s feet are in there.
party 5party 6party 7

see you when i get home, if i don’t post before then! i will be able to tweet, though!


*edit: update on theo
yesterday he was doing pretty good, but this morning he took a turn for the worse. infection takes a while to show up, but my parents are at the clinic right now with him & i’m not really sure how it’s going.


Tiffany said...

What fun shots! Hope your puppy is doing okay, poor baby:( Also, have a great trip..


Leah Marie said...

thanks! i’m working on packing. he’s hanging in there, just barely. we’re praying the antibiotics will fight the infection.

Emily said...

What great photos. They remind me of my sister and I back in the day. ;) ;)